I am not an expert cook, just a regular person with an appetite and a love of learning!

I graduated from a small college in Georgia with a degree in English. I’m now a English grad student at a much bigger University trying to find my way in the world. Although I’ve spent years (an gotten a degree in) studying the lives of starving artists, starving was never my style. After a long day of college classes, doing research, and trying to jump through never-ending hoops of fire that make up college bureaucracy, few things are more soothing to me than cooking.

The recipes that I have created and found have been subject to a lot of trial and error over the past few years, and occasionally I feel like I’ve really got something right. I wanted to create this blog in order to try and help other young adults/college students/anyone learning to cook and to help myself keep up with my best ideas.

Now that I’m living the city life, I’m expanding my original idea into now creating posts about local (and not so local) restaurants.

Like books? My other blog is: http://acpine.wordpress.com/

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