Recipe: English Muffin Tuna Melt


This is another recipe that is super delicious and very simple to make. In addition to that, this is a pretty healthy lunch option for someone on the go. One little can of tuna has 20 g of protein for only 90 calories (that’s a winner in my book). I also love tuna because I absolutely hate cooking meat, and it comes in the can ready to go! I like to use an English muffin because I stack a lot of tuna on top and I feel like it gives the melt a good base. Also, I do it open-faced because it allows you to use more tuna in the tuna to bread ratio.


– 1 can tuna

– English muffin (I like to use whole wheat, but you can use whatever you like, or even a slice of whatever bread you have around)

– cheese slices (I used Munster this time, but I’ll probably experiment in the future)


1. Turn on the broiler or toaster oven

2. Cut the English Muffin if it isn’t pre-sliced

3. Stack each half of the English muffin with tuna, I usually put half the can on each slice


4. Put slice of cheese on each half


5. Bake in broiler for a few minutes, about 5-10 minutes (I don’t time it, I just look for when the cheese is melted)



Recipe: Super Simple Stuffed Peppers


This was my first try at making this specific recipe, which I sort of made out of a combination of other recipes I found on the internet. I think it turned out pretty good, and was a relatively cheap option (I had enough filling for two dinners — score!). Now, this meal was made partially out of desperation, because I was running out of groceries, so if I had it my way I would have had it done up a bit more. Had I time/money to go to the grocery store I’d probably add rice, onions, tomatoes, etc but as it is this super simple version is tasty and very easy.


– Red bell pepper (or whatever your favorite pepper is)

– Ground beef (I prefer lean, but if you want to go cheaper, you can go with regular. Similarly, if you want to go healthier you could get chicken/turkey/veggie crumble)

– Salsa

– Fajita spices (or any Mexican style spices you have)

– Olive oil

– Shredded Mexican cheese

1. Cut red bell pepper in half and remove the stem and seeds


2. Microwave pepper for 4 minutes, or until tender

3. Preheat oven to 350

4. Pour a little bit of olive oil into a skillet over medium heat and add ground beef, Make sure not to have the heat too high, I did that and burned the beef a little bit. Don’t worry, if it’s on medium, it will cook all the way through with time.

5. Thoroughly cook the ground beef, drain if desired and add spices. I know I would have loved fajita spices, but alas I only had chili powder. However, even with just that it seemed to turn out flavorful enough.

6. Once the ground beef is cooked, add salsa. I prefer to use chunky salsa for this recipe because it adds a lot more of the vegetable feel. Although, I’m sure this dish would be great with actual cut-up veggies!

7. Stuff the pepper halves with as much ground beef/salsa mixture as possible. Then top each stuffed pepper with a sprinkling of shredded Mexican cheese


8. Bake peppers for 15 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Everything is already cooked, so basically all you’re aiming for is to make sure that the cheese is melted and everything is a cohesive whole



Obviously, there is so much more you could do with this recipe, which I intend to explore at another time, but if you’re low on cash or ingredients, this is a good option!

Recipe: Parmesan Baked Tomatoes


This is one of my favorite easy, cheap, (relatively) fast recipes. All you need is a tomato, some parm, olive oil, oregano, and an oven, all of which I generally have on hand. This makes a great mini meal, side dish, or snack.

I got the recipe from here:


– Tomato

– Parmesan cheese

– Oregano

– Olive Oil

1. Preheat oven to 450

2. Slice tomato into relatively large slices (I’ve found that if you make them too thin all the good stuff falls through) and place on a pan

3. Drizzle olive oil on top of each tomato, but not too much because if you get it all over the pan you risk having hot boiling oil in the oven when you take it out

4. Top with a bit of Parmesan, or any cheese of your liking, although I definitely like Parm better than sliced cheese because it gives it a much better texture

5. Sprinkle oregano on top of the tomatoes (or any other spices you like)

6. Bake in oven for 15 minutes

Enjoy! I generally end up having to eat them with a knife and fork rather than eating them by hand, but if you go light on the toppings I’m sure they’d make great finger food. What I love most about this recipe is that it has some of the flavors of a slice of pizza but without all the unhealthy stuff!


Welcome to my blog!

Although I’ve spent the better part of 4 years studying the lives of starving artists, starving was never my style. After a long day of college classes, doing research, and trying to jump through never-ending hoops of fire that make up college bureaucracy, few things are more soothing to me than cooking.

I strive to find recipes that fulfill three major categories: cheap, healthy(ish), and easy/quick. While I like to cook, I often don’t have the hours on end to dedicate to cooking, so it has to be fast. Even better, I don’t have a whole lot of money to spare, so I try to make it cheap. Finally, I have overwhelmingly found that easy and cheap often manifests itself in the form of frozen dinners, canned soup, and fast food, but I am trying to take my health into account and find ways to make something more than Ramen noodles (although I do love them).

My other big issue is that I live alone and I get very bored very quickly with leftovers, so bulk foods don’t usually work out great for me. However, I’m trying to get around this need for variety by using transformation to add a little pizzazz to my day.

The recipes that I have created and found have been subject to a lot of trial and error over the past few years, and occasionally I feel like I’ve really got something right. I wanted to create this blog in order to try and help other young adults/college students/anyone learning to cook and to help myself keep up with my best ideas.

I am not an expert cook, just a regular person with an appetite and a love of learning!