Recipe: Fancy Ramen


Sorry to everyone out there for my extended absence, but I’ve had a very busy month, between starting soon me job, moving, and planning my future. Since good news is I was accepted into grad school to study -what else- English! In honor of my continuation into academia, today’s recipe is a twist on a student classic, ramen. I expect to be eating a lot more of that in the months (years) to come.

This meal began with no recipe and only a basic inspiration of pho to guide me. It turned out much better than expected and made enough for at least three servings.

I did try to eliminate the use of the flavor packets, for although they are delicious,  they are not very good for you. The noodles themselves are really just basic noodles and my main reason for using them was cheapness and convenience.


– egg

– two ramen packets (throw out the flavor packets)

– chicken broth (I like low sodium) or chicken bullion

– spinach, frozen or fresh

– edamame

– green onion

– jalapeno

– sriracha

– assorted spices


1. Pour chicken broth into a pot and bring to a boil.




2. Add Ramen noodles and spices  and allow them to cook for three minutes.

3. Add spinach, edamame, green onion, jalapeno, and allow to cook.

4. Meanwhile, make either a fried of over easy/medium egg.


5. Top noodles with sriracha and egg.

6. Serve and enjoy!